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Higher Learning Commission Visit (RESCHEDULED)

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has been rescheduled for the on-campus Peer Review visit for May 21-22, 2018.  Please watch for upcoming details and updates to this page.

Download a comprehensive PDF that outlines the UW Oshkosh HLC Self-Study Design Plan

The self study is an opportunity for the entire campus to identify and explore important issues for the University.

Processes for the self study began in fall 2014 and will result in an Assurance Argument that demonstrates how the University meets the HLC Accreditation Criteria.

Introduction to the Self-Study

The Higher Learning Commission Campus Committees are charged with the task of guiding the self-study and coordinating campus involvement. The goals of the self-study are:

  1. To conduct a comprehensive evaluation in relation to the HLC accreditation criteria.
  2. To engage in a self-study process that is inclusive of multiple perspectives and that involves participants from constituencies both on and off campus
  3. To integrate the findings of the self-study into campus strategic planning.

The self-study is scheduled for completion on March 1, 2017.

Opportunities for Campus Input

Throughout the self-study process, the HLC Campus Committee will reach out to specific audiences of the campus community. Responsiveness to these committee requests will be key as the committee members work to build the self-study document.

Additional opportunities will come in the the spring of 2018, when a peer review team from HLC will come to the UW Oshkosh campus. This team will conduct group and individual interviews, as well as open forums and drop-in sessions. Invitations to these sessions will be communicated by email as the visit draws closer, and additional updates will be made to the website.