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Reccreditation Schedule of Actvities at UW Oshkosh

View the schedule of campus activities to prepare for the HLC reaccreditation visit. This schedule will be updated regularly as the HLC campus visit draws near. Please check back to view updates on the HLC reaccreditation schedule at UW Oshkosh.


January 20161. Hold all committee meetings
2. Identify findings and gaps
3. Schedule presentations
4. List past concerns
February & March 20161. Meet with all governance groups
2. Chair meetings
3. Hold all committee meeting
4. Review past concerns document
5. Give Strategic Planning group the list of preliminary findings
April 20161. Meet with Vice Chancellors to review past concerns and preliminary findings
2. Complete the Narrative and list of evidence
3. Attend the annual HLC meeting
May 20161. Complete the first draft of the narrative
2. Compile the preliminary list of evidence
3. Organize and file web documents
4. Identify gaps
5. Compile initial conclusions